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Using your profile

Maximize your boating experience with Sea People's robust profile features: Harnessing the power of comprehensive boating history logging, networking opportunities, relationship management, crew finding, dating, and beyond.

Logbook: Access your complete boating history under the 'Logbook' tab in your profile. Every adventure you post adds to your logbook, documenting your journeys, miles traveled, and memorable moments captured through photos and stories. You can also use your logbook as an experience proof for charter companies, insurers, and more.

Crewing: If you're seeking crew opportunities, specify your availability and preferred regions in your profile settings. This allows others to search for crew members and potentially lead to exciting on-water experiences. For boat owners, finding crew members is managed within the boat's profile.

Friends: Your profile provides insights into your boating experiences, allowing friends and potential connections to learn more about your adventures and the boats you've been aboard.

Following: Easily manage the list of people you follow from the 'Following' tab in your profile, keeping track of your connections and interests.

Followers: See who follows you and stay updated on your community engagement (coming soon)

Dating: Customize your profile with dating preferences to connect with others who share your interests. Toggle on 'Open to dating' and set gender and age preferences to enable Sea People to provide potential matches.

Sharing: A prominent 'Share Profile' button allows you to easily share your profile with others.
When shared with a Sea People user, the link will open your profile directly within the Sea People app. However, when shared with a non-Sea People user, the profile link will open in a web browser.