User & boat profile

About boat profiles

How to add/edit boat in Sea People

Boat profiles empower users to document their journeys on various vessels and appear under a boat avatar and name for visibility and searchability.

Adding a Boat:

  1. Navigate to your personal profile and locate the 'Boats' section.

  2. Tap 'Add a Boat' text

Editing a Boat:

  1. Go to your Personal Profile.

  2. Scroll down to 'Boats' and tap the pencil icon on the boat cover photo.

  3. Select 'Edit Boat' to make changes.

Deleting a boat:

Boat creators can delete boats at any time by tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the vessel card in their personal profile.

Boat avatar and type

Media: You can upload photos and videos to your boat profile. Tap and hold any photo to set it as the highlight picture, which will be displayed prominently on profiles and serve as the avatar photo on explore maps when multiple users are stacked under a boat profile.

Type: Choose the type of boat from a dropdown menu to help others find you and for potential future features. This selection also determines your animation avatar.

Animation avatar: When you select a boat type, your vessel's avatar for trip animations will automatically update. These animations are showcased at the top of full trip details pages or when a trip map is tapped.

Setting a primary boat

If you have multiple boats, designating a 'primary boat' sets it as the default vessel for tracking. You can switch to another vessel at any time during tracking. Additionally, your primary boat determines which vessel is displayed on your profile on the explore map for other users to recognize.

Managing and finding crew members

Accessing crew: Add or edit crew members from your boat's profile by tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your boat's card within your personal profile. Go to Personal Profile > Scroll down to find the Boats section > Tap pencil icon > Select 'Edit Boat Crew.'

Adding crew: Only the creator of the vessel can add crew members. Search and add existing Sea People users or create crew profiles for kids, pets, and other non-Sea People users.

Note: Users interested in being listed as crew on a vessel must contact the boat creator to be added.

Crew role: When adding a crew member, you can assign them a role on the vessel. Currently, you can only assign one role per crew member. As the boat creator, you will automatically be granted the "Owner" role, which is currently non-editable.

Removing crew: Users can remove themselves as crew from boats they did not create. Original boat creators can remove crew members at any time.

Finding crew: Vessel creators can raise awareness of the boat's need for crew within the edit or create new boat screens. They can select dates and regions for crew opportunities.