Tracking / Trip recording

Creating a social post


Crafting a social post allows you to share noteworthy moments or updates even when you're not actively on the move. This is ideal for mid-track updates or highlighting specific events. Social posts appear on the home feed with a fixed pin indicating the location where the post was created.

Create/edit social post

Create a post:

  1. Navigate to Home Feed > Tap the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner > Select ‘Add post’.

  2. Location: The map pin defaults to your exact location when tapping ‘Add post.'

  3. Adjust the pin location by tapping ‘Change’ and scrolling the map until it's centered on the desired place to display for your post's location.

  4. Add a caption, photos (up to 50MB per image), and videos (up to 30 seconds).

  5. Tap ‘Post’ to immediately share your social post.

  6. Find your social post in the Home Feed or your Logbook (located in your profile).

Edit the post

Edit the post by tapping its text > accessing a full view version > tapping the pencil icon in the top right corner. Edit options include changing the pin location, caption, and media.

Delete the post

Delete the post by opening the Edit Post screen and tapping ‘Delete post’ at the bottom