Tracking / Trip recording

Tracking overview and options

Tracking in Sea People isn't intended for navigation purposes. We simplify tracks to conserve battery life. We recognize that many boaters have accumulated experiences before joining Sea People. Therefore, allowing users to draw past trips and import .gpx files provides them with the flexibility to incorporate as much of their previous boating history as they wish. Our live tracking feature is unique in vessel selection, destination display, and mid-track updates, enabling users to share updates on their social feed without disrupting their overall trackline. Learn about the connectivity required and not required for your tracking HERE.

Tracking your adventures in Sea People allows you to:

  • Share your experiences with friends, family, and the boating community.

  • Maintain a digital logbook of your miles, photos, and memories.

  • Inspire others and expand your boating network through comments and kudos on your adventures.

From the tracking screen, you have three options for sharing adventures in Sea People: