Hail channels

Hail channels - everything you need to know


Imagine if no VHF call was ever missed. If you could move in and out of conversations as you traveled. If you could read or share real-time, relevant information about weather and navigational hazards when you want and where you want. Imagine finding that spare part or inviting nearby boats to a beach bonfire right from your phone, with people you would otherwise have no way to contact. VHF radios are not 'on' all the time and are limited to 20nm(ish); you can’t hail every boat on you AIS screen at once; and you don't have every nearby boaters whatsapp number. Our hails give you that kind of power. Welcome to the future of marine communication.

Reminder: Hails are not for emergencies. If you are in an emergency situation, hail the local authorities on the appropriate channel for your region.

Discovering and joining hails

  • From the messages tab: Navigate to the messages tab and tap the top row labeled ‘Hail channels nearby.’ These hails are listed in chronological order of creation.

  • From the home tab: Horizontally scroll to the second row labeled ‘Hails nearby.’ Tap "All hails" button at the end of the row to view all available hail channels.

Tap any hail summary (hail card) to open the message, scroll and read as much as you like, and tap the ‘Join now’ button if you would like to add to the thread. There is no limit to the number of people that can join hail channels and hail creators cannot block or limit hail participants (this would be accomplished in a group chat).

Initiating a hail

  1. From the Explore Map Screen:

  • Begin by exploring the map and applying filters as needed from the top bar.

  • Once you've filtered users or opted not to use any filters, tap the Hail icon in the upper right to open the hail creation screen.

  1. From the Chat/Messaging Screen:

  • Easily initiate a hail by tapping the "Add Message" icon in the upper right corner.

  • This button allows you to start a group chat (selecting users individually via name search) or create a hail channel. Choose "Create Hail Channel" to proceed.

Note: Initiating a hail from the messages screen does not offer filter options. Your hail will be sent to everyone within your chosen radius on the following screen.

Adjusting Your Hail Recipients:

  • Filters: Utilize various categories on the explore map to narrow down the population of users to your desired demographic before tapping the hail icon in the upper right corner.

  • Radius: Once you've reached the hail creation screen via explore, nearby hail list, or messages screen, adjust the radius to a maximum of 50nm in all directions from your current location.

Location of Your Hail:

  • The centerpoint of your hail is based on your physical location at the moment you create the hail channel, regardless of your location settings (e.g., if you have a pinned location setting somewhere else on the map).

Writing & Sending Your Hail Message:

  • Choose a concise 'topic' that effectively conveys the purpose of your hail.

  • Get creative with your hails and descriptions, keeping in mind that the first couple of lines will display on the hail lists. Ensure that the most important information is placed at the beginning.

Leaving a hail channel

To leave a hail channel:

  • Open the specific hail channel thread.

  • Tap on the hail channel title.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap on the option to 'Leave chat.' (located at the bottom)