Tracking / Trip recording

Draw a trip - way to manually add your past trips


There are a few reasons drawing a trip may be important to you. We understand that your boating experiences may predate Sea People, and we want to give you the opportunity to share those past adventures. We're also all human and may forget to start tracking a trip and need to draw the trip later as a way to share. And as many of us have learned the hard way, phones don't float, so if you drop your phone in the water and lose an active track, you can draw it later (with your new phone). That's why we've introduced the 'Draw trip' feature, allowing users to manually create and share trips with accurate mileage and speed calculations.

FUN TIP: Get creative with your drawn tracks! Consider creating full-season recaps or previews of your upcoming adventures for a trip or an entire season

How to draw a trip

Here's how to Draw a Track (that was not tracked on Sea People) and Share:

  1. Select “Draw Trip” from the tracking menu.

  2. A map view will appear. Navigate to the location of your trip by zooming in or out and moving around the map.

  3. Tap to add points to your trip track.

  4. Adjust your route by dragging the points or use the undo button to delete the last point.

  5. Activate delete mode by clicking the trash can icon to delete specific points without undoing others.

  6. Once your track is drawn as desired, press “Next” in the top right corner to create a post of your drawn track.

Post your trip to community feed and logbook

  1. Choose Your Trip Date: Select the dates when your trip occurred to accurately set its duration. IMPORTANT: Your trip dates and times directly impact the average speed for your activity, so ensure these are correct.

  2. Give Your Trip a Title: Choose a fun and descriptive title for your adventure.

  3. Write a Description: Share details about your trip, such as fishing experiences, weather conditions, or memorable moments with friends.

  4. Add Media: Include photos or videos from your trip to enrich your post. If you don't have any media, your trip will still show up as a trackline on the social feed and in your logbook.

  5. Select the Boat: Choose the boat associated with this trip. If your boat isn't listed, you can add it to your profile. However, we recommend completing the post with the incorrect boat first, then editing your profile to add the boat, and finally editing the post to update the boat association. This way, you won't lose any information you've entered on the ‘New Trip’ page by navigating away from it.

  6. Posting: Once you've filled in all the details, click the "Post" button to share your trip to the social feed and logbook.