Tracking / Trip recording

How do I find .gpx files

Export .gpx from Garmin watch

If you begin an activity on your Garmin Watch, you can choose from categories like Sailing, Boating, Fishing, SUP, Canoeing, and more. After finishing that activity you can find the GPX file at > activities > click on desired activity > settings > “export to gpx.” We hope to have activity auto sync capabilities with Garmin Connect soon, allowing your activities to import to Sea People automatically.

How to export gpx file from garmin watch

Export .gpx from Delorme

Login to > map > library > tracks. Then click on desire track/ activity. From here you can export a .gpx by clicking the button in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Export .gpx from DataHub

More on this soon. For now you can simply export the .gpx file from the on your desktop.