Tracking / Trip recording

Internet and GPS connection while tracking

Connectivity is at the core of Sea People's design philosophy, both for the present and the future. Whether you're sailing with strong WiFi signal or navigating remote waters with limited connectivity, Sea People's tracking is engineered to adapt and remain fully functional.

Tracking relies on a GPS signal, which is typically available through the built-in GPS receivers in smartphones. This means your phone can continue tracking internally even without cellular network or Wi-Fi connectivity. However, live positions, updates, and posts require a connection to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

You can monitor the status and strength of your phone's GPS signal with the GPS signal indicator on the tracking screen. Keep in mind that GPS signals are most reliable with a clear view of the sky. Materials like carbon fiber and certain metals can obstruct or interfere with GPS signals. If you notice erratic tracking fixes or significant gaps in your trackline, ensure that your phone maintains a consistent GPS signal.

Connectivity for tracking

Starting tracking: You can initiate tracking without network (cellular or Wi-Fi) connectivity as long as your phone has a GPS signal.

Loss of network connectivity: While tracking, your phone may switch network connectivity types (e.g., cellular to Wi-Fi) or lose network connection entirely without interrupting tracking, as long as your phone maintains a GPS signal.

Loss of GPS signal: If your phone loses GPS signal, your tracking will be disrupted. This can occur for various reasons, including physical obstruction of your phone's ability to receive GPS satellites or phone shutdown. If GPS signal is lost, your trackline will connect with a straight line between the last known GPS fix and the position when the signal returns.

Ending tracking: You cannot end tracking without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Ending tracking initiates the process of sending your tracking points to our server, which requires an internet connection. Without connectivity, access to the server is impossible.

Connectivity for posting tracks

A cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required to create or share posts.

Connectivity for live position visibility

Your live position, heading, and speed cannot be shared with other users on the explore screen without network (Wi-Fi or cellular data) connectivity. If live position sharing is enabled, you will automatically become visible when network connectivity is established.