Tracking / Trip recording

Live tracking and trip posting

How to track a trip

Sea People’s tracking features offer a seamless way to document and share your maritime adventures right from your phone. Here’s how:

Starting Tracking: Tap the ‘Start Tracking’ button to begin tracking your journey. Your screen will switch to a map view with essential stats and options. The tracking icon in the navigation bar will start pulsing, and distance and average speed stats should appear shortly after you begin moving. Congratulations, you're laying down a track!

'Live while tracking' toggle: Toggling on 'live while tracking' is a simple and easy way to share your location live (think AIS mode) while you are tracking (underway). This toggle will override 'pinned' and 'hidden' location settings while toggled on and return you to those settings anytime you toggle the switch off, or end tracking.

Boat Choice: By default, you’ll track on your primary vessel. If you have multiple boats in your profile, you can switch between them anytime from the selector tab on the tracking screen.

Choosing Destination: If you want to show others where you’re heading on the Explore map, enter a destination on the tracking screen. This will be displayed as a dotted line to anyone viewing your profile on the explore map.

Mid-Track Updates: Share posts to the social feed without interrupting your tracking. Tap ‘Post Segment’ while tracking to share your trackline since the last update or starting point.

Finish Tracking Options:

  • Post Full Trip: Finish tracking and post the trip to the community feed.

  • Finish & Save Track: Finish tracking and save the track to the server. You can retrieve saved tracks later via the ‘Draw Trip’ screen for posting.

Explore Map Visibility: Your visibility on the explore maps while tracking depends on your location settings in your profile.

Remember: You can start tracking without internet connection but you cannot end tracking until your connection is restored. Get the full scoop on connectivity HERE.

Ways to publish your Track

When it comes to sharing your boating adventures on Sea People, you have several options for creating and editing posts live tracked within Sea People:

Post Segment - Mid-track updates: Share what you have tracked so far, while underway, without interrupting your continued tracking.

Post Full Trip - Finished track posts: Share your entire trackline once you've finished tracking.

Server track updates: Retrieve and share saved tracks from the server. Access your old tracks via the 'Draw Trip' screen and tapping 'load your server track.'

Trimming the trackline: If you prefer not to show your exact starting or finishing points for privacy reasons or want to adjust your trackline for accuracy, you can trim it before posting. Simply select "Post Segment" or "Post Full Trip," then use the slider bar to choose the portion of your trip you want to share.

Post your trip to community feed and logbook:

  1. Give your trip a title: Choose a fun and descriptive title for your adventure.

  2. Write a description: Share details about your trip, such as fishing experiences, weather conditions, or memorable moments with friends.

  3. Add media: Include photos or videos from your trip to enrich your post. If you don't have any media, your trip will show up as a map and trackline on the social feed and in your logbook.

  4. Select the boat: Choose the boat associated with this trip. If your boat isn't listed, you can add it to your profile later (post the trip under any available boat, create your new boat, then return to edit the post and swap boats).

  5. Posting: Once you've filled in all the details, click the "Post" button to share your trip to the social feed and logbook.

Edit/delete a trip post

  • Edit: Click on the trip card in the social feed or under the Logbook tab on your profile page. Then, click the pencil icon in the top right to edit your trip details. After making your changes, press "Save" to update the trip.

  • Delete: Similarly, click on the trip card, then click the pencil icon. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the "Delete Trip" option. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. Note that deleted posts cannot be recovered, so proceed with caution.