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The Explore map in Sea People was crafted to improve how boaters connect and engage with one another on the water. The real-time freshness of your location, as well as that of other users around you, is pivotal in harnessing the full potential of Explore map features.

Explore empowers boaters to locate fellow users through a timeless nautical tradition: the map. By leveraging filters, you can seamlessly sift through the crowd and pinpoint individuals who resonate with your interests. Explore serves as the ultimate platform for discovering new friends, crew members, boat companions, or perhaps even arranging a (play) date.

This map is not navigational charts or a digital cruising guide.  It is a map that brings people on the water to life.

Location freshness and visibility

Location freshness
The Explore Map and the frequency of location updates represent one of Sea People's most significant advancements over traditional web and mobile interfaces for displaying boaters' locations.

Your visibility on the map
Your location on the Explore map is determined by your location settings. Generally, there are three ways you can be displayed on Explore:

  1. Live location: This option updates your actual location in real-time once you open the app, and keeps refreshing it every few minutes until you close Sea People. Providing the most accurate representation. We highly recommend this setting as it enhances your accessibility for hail messages, facilitates new connections, and allows others to keep track of your whereabouts.

  2. Pinned location: With this setting, your location is fixed at a specific position of your choosing. It's ideal for extended shoreside stays or for users who prefer not to share their live locations constantly. You can easily update your pinned location as needed to ensure others stay informed about your whereabouts without revealing your exact location.

  3. Hidden: This setting removes you entirely from the Explore map, making you inaccessible for contact via Explore. While not recommended, if you prioritize privacy, you can opt to be hidden. However, we encourage dropping a pinned location somewhere enjoyable for increased privacy, as opposed to hiding your location completely.

Ultimately, Sea People is designed to enhance your boating experience through better connections with others, and choosing a location setting that aligns with your preferences can optimize your app usage.

Visibility indicator
In the upper left corner of the explore map, you'll find a label showing how you appear to other users. It will display either 'Live,' 'Pinned Location,' or 'Sharing Off,' depending on your location sharing settings.

Filtering and searching Explore map

At the top of the explore map, you'll find filtering options that empower you to customize the displayed results to suit your preferences. This feature enables you to concentrate on users who align with specific criteria, enriching your browsing experience.

How to use filters:

  1. Activating filters: Simply tap on the filter icons to activate or deactivate them according to your preferences.

  2. Filtering results: Once activated, the filters will refine the displayed results on the map, showing only users who meet the specified criteria.

Filter Options:

  1. Tracking now: Displays only users currently tracking in Sea People.

  2. Who's aboard: Filter by friends, people you follow, boats/users with kids, and boats/users with pets.

  3. Location (freshness): Filter by the freshness of location updates, including daily, weekly, and monthly updates.

  4. Interests: Connect with people who share similar hobbies and interests.

  5. Support: Find users offering community support such as access to laundry facilities or assistance.

  6. Crewing: Filter to find users looking to crew or boats seeking crew members.

  7. Dating: Specify gender and age range to find users open to dating. The dating matches toggle switch filters users who match your gender and age preferences with theirs.

Clear filters:

Retap individual filters to clear specific selections, or tap 'Clear' on the far right of the filter row to clear all selections.

User stacking and boat visibility

Stacking two or more users inside their boat not only enhances the visibility of users sharing similar locations on the Explore map but also reflects real-life scenarios when viewing users in a map view. When two or more users are actively sharing their locations and are in close proximity to each other, their profiles will stack under their boat profile, provided they are listed as crew members on the same boat.

How stacked profiles work:

  1. Location sharing: Ensure that live location sharing is enabled for your profile within the app.

  2. Proximity detection: When the app detects two or more users in close proximity to each other and listed as crew on the same boat, their profiles will be stacked under the boat's profile icon on the map.

  3. Stacked display: Stacked profiles are displayed as a consolidated group beneath the boat's profile, indicating the presence of multiple users in the same location.

  4. Profile access: Users can access stacked profiles by tapping on the boat's profile icon on the map, which expands to reveal the individual profiles of crew members within the group.